Level Up Your Online Brand

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As a brand expert, and business owner, I’m always thinking about branding, and how it can best serve and support businesses, especially during extraordinary times.

Now, I know what you might be thinking.

“C’mon Brittany. I just want to bake some bread, learn a TikTok dance and generally hibernate. Why should I work on my brand, now?

Most everyone on the planet (hint: your customers) are virtually living online so they can connect with loved ones, be entertained, or to get their work done. Because of this sudden spike in online traffic, more eyes are on your online brand than ever before.

The good news is that there are many EASY things that you can do NOW to strengthen your online brand image. I’ve come up with 7 powerful ways that you can level up your online brand now.

1. GOOGLE YOURSELF. What is the overall impression you get from both the web, and image search results?

What improvements are needed? Make a list. 

2. Your MESSAGE. Do you have a clear, concise and consistent message about how your business helps the customers you serve? 

Start with thinking about who your ideal customer/s are.

3. WARDROBE. Do you have a wardrobe that makes you feel confident, yet comfortable to show up, and be seen?

If not, start a Pinterest board to get inspired on your look.

4.VIDEO. If you’ve never made a video for your marketing, make one now.

Already a pro with video? What you can do to bring it to the next level?

5.VISUAL BRAND. Do you have a Brand Style Guide?   

This document will help your brand to CONSISTENTLY look ‘on brand’, no matter where it needs to show up.

6. LESS is often MORE. Delete or update old digital marketing content that is no longer a reflection of your knowledge, skills, and value.

7. SOCIAL PROOF. Make sure you have up-to-date testimonials and/or work samples from previous clients you’ve worked with. 

Bonus points if you post it on your website, linkedin, and social media too!

Need some expert help or advice? Book a FREE brand consult.

Wishing you wellness and virtual hugs. Cheers to your best brand. -Brittany

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