Feminine Colour Palette

Autumn has arrived yet again. Like many of you this past week, I’ve started to dig out my cable-knit sweaters, tall boots and oversized pashminas. Pumpkins are popping up everywhere and even the leaves in the city are starting to show early signs of their fall foliage.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’ve always been reluctant to fall in love with the Fall. To me, its the precursor of cold and colourless days that lie ahead. With that said, I’ve adjusted my perspective on the season. This year, I’m focusing only on the beauty Fall has to offer.

Fall is like the curtain call on colour for the year.

Nature gifts us with the most diverse and unexpected colour palettes during this time of year. Because of this, I have been inspired to break away from the typical hues that I gravitate toward in both my wardrobe and my design work. In celebration of the season, I’ve created a custom Feminine, Fall Colour Palette – with HEX codes! 

I welcome you to use this palette in your designs, that I’ve created here.

Autumn Colour Palette, Fall Colour Palette, HEX codes

Feminine, Fall Colour Palette – with HEX codes

To make sure that you can get in on the fun with these fabulous fall colours, I’ve included the HEX codes below. Simply copy and paste the codes and use for both your web, canva or print projects this season. From top to bottom the codes are as follows:


I am so excited to see how this palette has inspired YOUR creativity. Be sure to show off your work-of-art, inspired by this palette on Instagram and tag me @brandingbybrittany in your post.

Image courtesy of the talented Annie Spratt. Follow her on Instagram here.
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